A photo of the Cahoots Space with a projection of a galaxy and moon the back wall. There is a single mic in the middle of the room with a spotlight gleaning on it.

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Our Creation Studio is an intimate arts space, popular within the theatre and extended arts community for rehearsals, readings, workshops and meetings. We also have a selection of high-quality audio and lighting gear available for rent.


Regular Rates
$18/hour +HST
Regular Daily Rate - 8 hours ● $140 +HST
Regular Weekly Rate - 8 hours for 5 days @ $18/hour ● $700 +HST

Artists Served By Our Mandate

(artists of colour, Deaf artists & artists with disabilities, transgender & non-binary artists)
$15/hour +HST
Discounted Daily Rate - 8 hours ● $120 +HST
Discounted Weekly Rate - 8 hours for 5 days @ $15/hour ● $600 +HST

Indigenous Artists Rate
Indigenous artists and majority Indigenous artists collectives (in which a minimum of 51% of the collective identifies as Indigenous) are invited to book our studio at no cost.

Please contact rentals@cahoots.ca with your inquiry.

Studio Rental
Equipment Rental

Rentals Calendar

The rental calendar will be back online soon. For now, please email us your inquiries.

Creation Studio Rental

Our creation studio is a warm and cozy space for artistic creation and exploration. It is wheelchair-accessible and contains one large washroom and a small kitchenette. The studio is perfect for small-scale rehearsals and meetings.