Tom Arthur Davis, DM St. Bernard, and Jiv Parasram are standing and smiling at the camera. All three of them are holding onto a red paper cutout of a person.

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Audio & Video Library

Cahoots' audio & video content is housed on our YouTube and Soundcloud pages.  This content offers to our audiences and supporters a myriad of offerings from our 20/21 and 21/22 seasons, as well as older material! Check out our ConvoCahoots and Blackstage Pass series, along with so much more. Did you miss our artist development unit readings? They're here.

The audio & video community library includes full-length artistic presentations, info sessions, interviews and panel discussions, and skill-building workshops. Visit us on You Tube and Soundcloud, and learn so much more about what we do!

Blackstage Pass


A monthly interview series, focusing on Black joy and excellence and spotlighting the most interesting and inspiring Black theatre artists in the country! Hosted by Kwaku Okyere and Makambe K. Simamba and featuring stirring conversations with Cameron Grant, Tsholo Khalema, Michael Sinclair, Sarah Uwadiae, Natasha Mamba, Kimberley Rampersad and Esie Mensah.

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Letters To A Head Above Water


Friends of Cahoots,

Letters To A Head Above Water is a token of gratitude to our family of artists and audience members who have not only faced incredible challenges during the pandemic, but who have continued to show resilience and compassion throughout. It is the conclusion of our 'RAFT' autumn slate and our final offering for 2021.

Lisa and I are deeply appreciative of the communities that make Cahoots what it is. YOU are the heads above water. The ones confronting and riding the waves, resurfacing over and over and over again regards of the strength of the current. I had a simple idea. I decided to wade through hundreds of old demos of mine and choose a few whose words still resonate or have new meaning in the context of now. (Click on each individual song title for its lyrics.)

This is NOT an album or a professional recording. It is a collection of thoughts assembled into a playlist. These songs were all inspired by specific moments in time between 2002 and 2015, but have a timely relevance when listened to through the lens of today. As artistic director of Cahoots, I have to talk a lot and write a lot. There is still no form of communication, however, that feels more natural to me than this one. So this is for you, our beautiful supporters, who have kept my head above water too.
Thank you.

Peace, Passion, & Progress,

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ZOOM chats with members of Cahoots' artistic community. Each guest is interviewed by a fellow artist of their choosing about their lives both inside and outside of art. Conversations with Lisa Alves, Sehar Bhojani, Amanda Lin, Wallis Caldoza, Coleen MacPherson, and Luke Reece.

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Black Magic


A MUST WATCH! Black Magic is an inspired and inspiring roundtable with five of Canada's most respected Black artistic directors. Co-presented with Obsidian Theatre and a highlight of our 2020/2021 season. Hosted by the Shaw Festival's Associate Artistic Director, Kimberley Rampersad.

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