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Parastoo Amanzadeh

Crossing Gibraltar Artist (20/21)

Parastoo Amanzadeh

I am Parastoo Amanzadeh and I am a student, actress, dancer, and yoga instructor based in Toronto. I have studied Theatre back home in Iran and I am currently studying Theatre Art Performance at Humber College. My love for physical theatre got me through dancing when I was 17 years old. Through my love for dancing and acting, I discovered my appreciation for practicing yoga. In addition, I had the opportunity to work with great directors both in Iran and Canada. I have performed at Mashayekhi Theatre (Iran), Glendon Theatre, Tirgan Festival, and Fringe Festival here in Toronto. Also, I have been learning from amazing directors, actors, and dancers and I will never stop seeking and exploring. When I act/dance I feel more connected to my soul and myself and I hope one day I will be able to transfer this joy to other seekers.

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