A full audience in the Cahoots Theatre space watching an artist play a guitar. The guitar player is wearing a plaid shirt. Some audience members are filming the performance.

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Marvellous things are on the way! YOU can be a part of writing our next chapter by making a financial donation to Cahoots. We have a special relationship with our communities and are grateful for the gifts so generously given to us - whether "large" or "small". We put those words in quotes because we know that they mean nothing outside of the context of each individual circumstance. That is why we are genuinely moved by each offering that we receive. Please know that names are updated periodically so if you'd donated to us in the last year and don't see your name yet, please be patient and trust that it will appear! Every dime we receive contributes to writing the story of Cahoots, and we are so deeply thankful to each of you.

Help Build Our Future

After over two years in a pandemic, we are eager to bring you live performance once again! We look forward to the marvellous productions, concerts, conversations and other events that we cannot wait to share with the public, and we invite you to be a part of our return. Our donors are the wind at our back as we continue to grow and become more of what our many communities deserve.  Donations help us to give more to our artists and audiences.  Together we are the future of Cahoots.

Individual Giving

We are so incredibly grateful for our individual donors! They are comprised of folks from every group that Cahoots serves and represents, and beyond! We are so proud of the wide range of supporters who kindly give us a boost. Give a one-time gift, or contribute monthly. Switch at any time. It's up to you!

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Are you an organization or foundation that would like to sponsor a Cahoots event or program? It is a fantastic way to give back to the community. You would make it possible to provide more opportunities for artists and support the work that they do. We are always interested in hearing from potential sponsors.

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Your Impact

When you give to Cahoots, you give to a vibrant and dynamic artistic community. We could not provide the breadth of programming that we do without the support of our donors.

Aaron Wells is saluting, Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster and Howard Davis have their arms outstretched facing up, Marion Newman is playing a drum and Richard Greenblatt in the background playing the piano. Production photo from I Call Myself Princess, 2018.




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When you give to Cahoots, you give opportunities to artists nationwide to develop their skills and share them with others from coast-to-coast.

Two artists with a grey background. En Lai Mah is in the front who is pointing at the camera as well as on the floor. Jasmine Chenm is in a black and blue dress and jazz shoes dancing behind him, looks at him.


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Our Supporters

Marjorie Chan and 4 other artists sitting on a ledge and smiling at the camera. Some are in winter jackets.

When you give to Cahoots, you help us to continue our mission - being a home for theatre artists from the edge - for many years to come.

Individual Supporters

Companions ($1000+)

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Jennifer Birmingham

Frank Alves

Suvendrini Lena

Ric Knowles

Marjorie Chan

Harold Lane

Benjamin Langer


Andrew Gillespie

Collaborators ($500 - $999)

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Kate & Alastair Taylor

Sarah Stanley

Liza Mattimore

Kent James

Isaac Thomas

Barbara Fingerote

Dana Lafarga

Colleagues ($100 - $499)

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Lo Fine

Sean Dixon

Martin Weiner

Lisa Dermentjian

Julia Gray

Indrit Kasapi

Jini Stolk

Jodi Bradshaw

Celia Harte

Duncan Gibson-Lockhart

Tim Fort

Susan Walker

Steven Jackson

Soheil Parsa

Signy Lynch

Robert Cook

Naomi Campbell

Nadia Ross

Monica Dufault

Melissa D'Agostino

Marilyn Osborne

Lois Fine

Liza Balkan

Lauren Brotman

Laura Nanni

Kevin Hanchard

Kathleen Connor

Justin Poirier

Jennifer Chan

Jeff Simser

Jeff Cummings

Jane Deluzio

Evalyn Parry

Don Kendal

Carolyn Fe

Brian Quirt

Ann Connors

Alan Dilworth

Adam White

Edwin Chan

Chums ($25 - $99)

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Peeranut Visetsuth

Tanisha Gordon

Londzo Drury

Hannah McGaughney

Karen To

Christine Jackson

Susan Yung

Omar Khan

Aaron Willis

Franny McCabe-Bennett

Julie Tepperman

Christine Horne

Julia Dickson

Kenneth Baker

Victoria Wang

Alethea Enns

Joseph Bainbridge

Jeremy Smith

Andrea Mapili

Jordan Laffrenier

Yago Mesquita

Stephanie Jung

Sansom Marchand

Rebecca Ballarin

Rafael Antonio Renderos

Peter Tsatsanis

Paula Wing

Nikki Shaffeeullah

Michelle Yagi

Michelle Ramsay

Meredith Potter

Maricris Rivera

Linda Lee

Lesley Nicholls

Kate Herriot

Karen Gilodo

Jenna Harris

Frances Loiselle

Erin Cunningham

Emilie Aubin

Eleanor O'Connor

Dustyn Wales

Durae McFarlane

Diana Tso

Demi-Lee Bainbridge

Darcy Haywood Stoop

Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks

Courtney Lancaster

Cooper Bilton

Conor Ling

Clayton Windatt

Cathy Gordon

Cassandra Davidson

Carmen Kruk

Ben Hartley

Annie Clarke

Annemieke Wade

Andrew Lamb

Andrea Vagianos

Allegra Fulton

Ali Joy Richardson

Alex Fallis

Dave Carley

If we've made any errors or omissions in the supporter wall above, please accept our sincerest apologies in advance. Let us know as soon as possible by getting in touch below:

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Benefits & Recognition

Individual Giving Benefits

There are some lovely perks for becoming an Individual donor to Cahoots! We want to show our appreciation to those who give us a financial boost, especially during challenging times. See below to learn about our Individual donor benefits. We so deeply thankful for your support! (And to those who cannot donate but support us in other ways - please know how much we appreciate you.)

Chum ($25-$99)
Colleague ($100-$499)
Collaborator ($500 - $999)
Companion ($1000+)
Charitable Tax Receipt
Recognition on our website
Recognition in our house programs
Invitation to a dress rehearsal
Two free tickets to Opening Night of a Production
Luncheon with Managing Producer and/or Artistic Director
Chum ($25-$99)
Charitable Tax Receipt
Recognition on our website
Recognition in our house programs
Colleague ($100-$499)
Everything in Chum, and the following
Invitation to a dress rehearsal
Collaborator ($500 - $999)
Everything in Colleague, and the following
Two free tickets to Opening Night of a Production
Companion ($1000+)
Everything in Collaborator, and the following
Luncheon with Managing Producer and/or Artistic Director
Donate as an Individual

Partnership & Sponsorship Benefits

Cahoots Theatre is a vibrant force for artistic expression and civic engagement within the Toronto community. The company has a 35 year history of developing and producing exciting new plays that investigate the complexities and cross-sections of Canada’s cultural diversity.

We welcome our colleagues in the business sector to join us in our endeavours to develop and produce exciting new works that reflect Canada’s cultural diversity. We are pleased to offer creative and customized opportunities for sponsorship, whether through support of production development and performance or community outreach initiatives.

Cahoots Theatre will work with you and tailor to your company’s needs and objectives. Possible benefits, depending on level of support, include:

Logo or text recognition in season collateral, house programs, signage, and print ads

Marketing & advertisement opportunities available on-site at our offices/rehearsal/performance facility

Social media and newsletter shoutouts

Recognition on sponsor-specific collateral

Complimentary tickets & event rights at the performance venue to entertain guests, clients, or employees

Support our next Initiative

Want to partner with us?

We are pleased to assess potential partnerships with organizations aligned with our values and philosophy. Partnering on Cahoots events increases our resources and our reach, and you will be collaborating with a truly unique arts organization. We would be happy to discuss your vision for artistic partnership and to consider working together on a meaningful project that we both believe in.

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