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Ximena Huizi

ENBY Ensemble Facilitator (20/21)

Ximena Huizi

Ximena Huizi is a Venezuelan, non-binary theatre and perfomance artist, actor and director. Their work roots in the intersections between translation, image, movement and devised creation. In 2018/2019 they traveled to South America and Europe to attend various workshops, encounters and residencies with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts. They are the recipient of the Summerworks Award for an emerging artist (2015), and have presented work as a director in The Rhubarb festival, Summerworks and The Riser Project. Their most recent performing credits include Four Sisters by Sussana Fournier presented by Luminato 2019, and Remembering the Winnipeg General, by Thomas Mckechnie. Ximena is committed to developing and participating in work that is intersectionaly feminist and in the service of our water, our mother earth and the recovery of the wisdom of her original caretakers across turtle island.

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