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Robyn Kaur Sidhu

ENBY Ensemble Artist (20/21)

Robyn Kaur Sidhu

Robyn Kaur Sidhu (she/he/they) is a Queer, mad, chronically ill, Punjabi-Canadian spoken word poet. They are currently enrolled at McMaster University, where they pretend to know what they want to do with their life.  They have had feelings publicly, and has performed them on national and international stages in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. They are a director for the Voices of Today youth poetry festival, and the creative director of Hot Damn it’s a Queer Slam. They are also a teacher of consent, race and 2SLGBTQ+ identity to youth across the Greater Toronto Area. They are a poetry educator and love seeing youth use writing as a tool for healing and growth. They are always trying to be gentle with themself. You can find Robyn in vintage cardigans or also on the internet if that’s your thing @Robyn_Sidhu

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