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Riaz Mahmood

Crossing Gibraltar Artist (20/21)

Riaz Mahmood

Riaz Mahmood is a theatre actor, playwright, explorer and who specializes in contemporary, text-based performance. Riaz received his Bachelors of Arts in Drama from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. In 1990, Riaz started theatre acting with Somoy Theatre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, since then he has played the lead in numerous productions. In Toronto, he has started working with “In Sundry Languages” in 2019. Also, Riaz is working with Alumnae Theatre Company and Haven theatre in Toronto. Riaz has been selected for the newcomer and refugee mentorship program 2020-2021 by Toronto Arts Council (TAC). Also, Riaz has been added to CCA (Canada Council For Arts) portal as a permanent company member of Toronto Laboratory Theatre.

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