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Kareem Vaude

Sing for Your Summer Musician (2021)

Kareem Vaude

Kareem Vaude is a Queer Arab - Canadian artist currently living in T'Karonto. Their mandate is to create/produce/act in works that tells the stories of marginalized peoples as well as advocatefor equality and diversity throughout this industry. They are a recent graduate of George Brown's 2020 Theatre School Ensemble and are proudly represented by The Talent House. Their passionsinclude singing, stage combat, and using rap in storytelling. Producing has played a giant role in their career, and they've been able to  successfully mount consecutive shows in the summers between theatre school through their company, G’Rilla Productions. This company is a way for them and their business partner, Nicole Pryce, to present shows and events that reflect their ideals of diversity and inclusion, as well as execute large scale projects that reflect their company’s place in the industry. Be it producing, acting, or writing, Kareem's focus is to always be ready to leap in and approach each project meticulously and passionately.

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