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Review: OUR PLACE at Theatre Passe Muraille


Lisa Alves

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Review: OUR PLACE at Theatre Passe Muraille

Beautiful play about Canada's broken immigration system is a must-see.

by Ilana Lucas Nov. 25, 2022    

What would you do to stay in Canada? In Kanika Ambrose's OUR PLACE, produced by Cahoots Theatre at Theatre Passe Muraille, Andrea (Virgilia Griffith) and Niesha (Sophia Walker), immigrants without papers, dream of better lives for themselves and their children back home. As CityTV blares in the background, showing images of Justin Trudeau welcoming Syrian refugees with open arms, the women wonder when it will be their turn, and if they'll ever truly have a chance at the Canadian Dream without fearing arrest around every corner. Due to the pandemic, the show was postponed twice; now, like a dream deferred, it explodes onto the stage with verve and pathos.

From two imaginary Caribbean countries, Caviva and Fanon, (the characters' accents are alsoan amalgam of four dialects to preserve anonymity), Andrea and Niesha couldn't be more different. Andrea initially gives off the unworried vibe of someone who is here for a good time, not a long time. She dallies with Malcolm (Tremaine Nelson), a man who doesn't want to put labels on anything and "just chill." Niesha is a constant dark cloud, a diligent worker who stays late to cover Andrea's early exits for dates. Alternately grumpy and jumpy, she is under constant stress of getting caught, obsessively watching the news Andrea hates.

Read full review: https://www.broadwayworld.com/toronto/article/Review-OUR-PLACE-at-Theatre-Passe-Muraille-20221125

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our place

A story about the risks Caribbean women take to gain permanent residence in Canada and the toll it takes on their bodies, minds and dignity.

November 16, 2022
December 4, 2022
Mature / Mature Themes (M / R)
2 hours, 10 min including 15 min intermission
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